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Pet insurance quotes and cover online
Pet insurance quotes and cover online

Animal Rescue and Welfare—official-nutrition-partners
Petmania believe that every animal deserves to have a safe and loving home and are committed to supporting local animal adoption agencies that share this ethos.
It is their ambition to assist in the delivery of international best practice procedures in animal welfare, while finding safe and loving homes for Ireland’s unwanted pets.
Since the Mid Antrim Animal Sanctuary (MAAS) opened in April 1996 they have found caring homes for an average of 20 animals each week. They come from many sources throughout Northern Ireland. MAAS operates a strict NO KILL policy, and all animals are secure in the sanctuary until another home is found.
A web site devoted to the health and well-being of kittens and cats everywhere
A Scottish charity which re-homes stray and abandoned cats and kittens
The Irish Kennel Club
A non-profit registered charity devoted to caring for, loving and re-homing all unwanted and abandoned animals

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Pet insurance quotes and cover online