Adult Light

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Adult Light

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Some dogs have problems with weight management, and have a tendency to put on excess weight, particularly during their senior years. 

CLINIVET Adult Light contains fewer calories than CLINIVET Adult Junior, meaning you can feed approximately the same amount of food to your dog, without it feeling hungry after mealtimes. 

Dogs who suffer from skin complaints like dry, itchy skin or hotspots can sometimes benefit from being fed a wheat, beef, dairy and soya free diet. If your dog suffers with a skin complaint, examine the ingredients list carefully. It is also important to note these may be hidden under the terms 'meat and animal derivatives' or 'derivatives of vegetable origin'. None of the CLINIVET products contain these ingredients. If your dog does suffer from skin problems, changing the diet to CLINIVET Adult Light may greatly improve the condition of the coat and skin.

CLINIVET Adult Light is suitable for the overweight adult dog.